On the East Coast, hurricane season starts on June 1 and continues through late November. Stephen Lewis Barrett Contracting, LLC is always ready to patch up your home after a storm. With the right choices, however, you can help your house stand strong against the elements.

Close and Lock All of Your Doors

We do mean all of your doors — inside and out. Powerful hurricane winds of up to 155 mph can rip through your home and cause incredible upward pressure on the roof. When every bedroom, bathroom and closet door is shut tight, that air pressure is compartmentalized, and your roof avoids costly damage. Remember, French doors and double doors may need extra locks or bolts to stay secure.

Board Up Your Windows

If you don’t have storm shutters, then board up your windows! The plywood will protect them from strong winds and flying debris. Otherwise, you risk a storm blowing right inside your house. You may also consider installing impact-resistant windows, which will crack but not shatter.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Are your gutters still full of autumn leaves? Don’t leave them there until next fall! During a hurricane, backed-up rainwater from full or damaged gutters can cause flooding. All of your drainage systems, downspouts and gutters should be clear of debris so that water can smoothly flow through them.

Prepare for Flooding

Heavy rains will quickly turn into major flooding. Outside of your home, stack sandbags at least two feet high. Inside, move valuables onto a higher level where they won’t get drenched. All appliances should either be unplugged or plugged into a surge protector in case of sudden electrical surges.

Check Your Roof!

A well-maintained roof can better resist hurricane winds. Now is the time to check your roof, not when the weather forecast starts sounding ominous. Look for:

  • Missing shingles or roof tiles
  • Staples securing the roof deck to its rafters rather than nails
  • Nails that are spaced more than four inches apart at the roof’s edges
  • Any gaps that will let in wind and water

If you spot these signs on your home’s roof, then your best option is to call a professional. Contact SLB Contracting today!