Keeping your roof well-maintained is a great way to extend its lifespan. Roof maintenance can also reduce the chance of needing roof repair services.

Here are a few simple maintenance tips to remember.

1. Trim Nearby Tree Branches

One way to protect your roof is to trim nearby tree branches. Trimming trees each year is a great way to stay proactive by reducing the chance of roof damage due to fallen branches.

2. Remove Debris

Keeping debris off of your roof is essential to prevent damages. Built-up debris can also cause your shingles to rot or lead to mold and mildew problems.

3. Clean Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year is another way to stay proactive. A clogged gutter puts additional stress on your roof, and it can also cause foundation problems.

4. Inspect Roof

One way to remain proactive is to schedule roofing inspections once a year. These professionals can identify any potential problems and make repairs before it becomes an even bigger issue.

5. Clear Downspout

Downspouts can eventually get filled with debris. A clogged downspout makes it difficult to navigate water from your home. You can clean downspouts by using a broom handle.

6. Schedule Repair Work

Damages to your roof can happen in many ways. Getting a roofing contractor to make repairs as soon as possible is essential in limiting these damages.

7. Look for Algae and Moss

Moss or algae can eventually grow on your roof if it’s too damp. Always inspecting your roof for any of these signs is important to avoid further damages.

8. Check Your Attic

Looking inside your attic is also key to roof maintenance. Any signs of light or dampness are a major sign that you need roofing repair work.

9. Re-Caulk if Necessary

Low-grade caulking may not hold its seal over time. Getting a professional roof to re-caulk your flashing is important in keeping your roof well-maintained.

10. Inspect Your Roof After a Storm

Severe weather can often cause a lot of damage to a roof. Inspecting your roof after a strong storm is a great way to identify any potential problems.