Our roofs are one of the things that we tend to not think about until something goes wrong with it. Though our roofs are imperative to keeping us safe and warm throughout the year, we tend to neglect roofing maintenance, and only try to do the bare minimum even when our roofing is damaged.

If you’ve noticed that you’re having a problem with your roof, you may think that simple repairs are all that are necessary. However, when it comes to long-term damage, some roofs will need to be replaced to save money in the coming years.

Here are three considerations to make when it comes time to decide if you should invest in a roofing repair or a roofing replacement.

  • The extent of the damage. Visually inspect your roof and determine how serious the damage is. A simple missing shingle or two can easily and quickly be repaired, while a sagging roof or major indentations are symptoms of significant structural damage to your home and call for replacements.
  • The age of your roof. If your roof has been recently installed or you are living in a new home, chances are that you’ll only need repairs, as the damage is unlikely to have reached the inner portions of your roofing material. However, if your roof is more than 20 years old, the damage is more likely to be deeper and more difficult to fix due to the effects of time.
  • How much time you are willing to spend on maintenance. Small repairs are able to fix most roofing issues, but require maintenance to ensure that they don’t pop up again. A roof replacement is more of a permanent solution.

No matter what your choice, make sure that you only call professional roofers to work on your home. Never trust an unlicensed contractor, and don’t risk your safety trying to turn your roofing repairs into a DIY project.

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