As the summer starts to die down, it’s important to prepare for the winter weather that will soon be here. At SLB Contracting, we have proudly inspected roofs during the fall throughout the MD, VA and WV areas. As one of the top companies in the area for roof repair and replacement, we recommend following these tips to avoid leaks and roof damage this winter.

Inspect the Framework

It’s important to get your roof’s framework inspected at least twice a year. We recommend once during the spring to inspect for any damage caused by winter and ever fall to prepare for the incoming winter weather. If you don’t know what you’re doing, call in the professionals. We’re able to go up on your roof and make sure all is well before winter is here to stay.

Clear Debris

Remember to clear off all debris on top of your roof. We’re not only talking about the branches and leaves that lay dormant on your roof, but also in your gutters, spouts and drains. Unlike inspecting the framework, anyone who feels comfortable on a ladder and isn’t afraid of some heights can clear off their roof on their own.

Clean the Gutters

It is just as important to clean and secure all gutters to your home. A loose gutter has the potential to cause a lot of damage. Loose gutters also have the potential to overflow and lead to damage to the roof, siding and even windows of your home.

Inspect Your Attic

One of the easiest ways to spot issues with your roof is with some help from Mother Nature. Inspecting your attic during the day will help expose holes in your roof via sunlight being visible through cracks and holes. These same cracks and holes can lead to major leak issues if not addressed properly.

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